A magical marriage proposal on the grounds of the fabulous Mount Juliette Estate

Derek and Danielle were on a once in a lifetime trip touring Ireland all the way from the United States. The happy couple got engaged on the grounds of Mount Juliette with a little the help of our fabulous team at Propose 2 Me, everything was picture perfect and the moment was truly magical. The future Mr & Mrs recently got in touch to thank all at Propose 2 Me for their precious memories.

“Propose 2 Me did a truly outstanding job! From start to finish, planning together was a delightful experience. I was looking forward to proposing in Ireland for a long time (about 2 years). I had put together a proposal speech and bought a ring that I knew she would cherish.

But when I started doing some planning on my own, it was incredibly difficult to plan a surprise proposal in a foreign country. I had a few ideas from online search, media, friends, and family and I gleaned whatever I could from these sources. But I really needed help from someone who has experienced and planned beautiful proposals before. Having an Ireland natives’ opinion on which proposal locations work better than others was invaluable.

I believe the most important and memorable part (besides having the ring) is the location and the setting. I’m not saying that the speech and popping the question is not important – it is. But I feel like it takes a backseat when you think about the memories you are creating; not to mention the flood of emotions that drown out some of the words said during the proposal speech.

To make my proposal to Danielle (my new fiancé), it absolutely had to be a memory we will smile upon for years to come.

In short, the proposal idea and setting that Propose 2 Me created at The Walled Rose Garden at Mount Juliet Estate was magical. Everything from the location and the table for two underneath the stone gazebo to the tiny details such as the picnic basket and the cupcakes asking “Marry Me?” was flawlessly laid out and executed. I couldn’t have dreamed that it would turn out as perfectly as it did.

The proposal package we had at Mount Juliet Estate will be a memory we will smile upon for years to come thanks to the expert help that Propose 2 Me provided.

We will be forever grateful for the moment you have helped us attain.

Thank you for everything you have done”

Derek & Danielle.

United States.