Leap Year Proposals….

Every four years, ladies get to have their turn in asking them four little but very special words, “Will you marry me?”.

Although, of course in this modern era women can ask for their partners hand in marriage at any stage, but why not take advantage of this romantic tradition and ask on the 29th of February?

Traditionally February 29th is the day when women ask for their partner’s hand in marriage, so if your partner is a bit slow in popping that all important question…. why not take advantage of an old Irish tradition and ask the question yourself? With a little help from Propose 2 Me the possibilities are endless and the only limit is imagination, which our team of experts certainly do not lack. Have a look on ¬†http://www.propose2me.com/ for many ideas on how to create your perfect proposal. Propose 2 Me will work within your given budget and will promise you a marriage proposal of a lifetime!