The 10 Best Wedding Proposal Ideas For Inspiration

Nowadays, the options for proposal are almost limitless, especially now that either partner can propose. With all the amazing but simple creative proposal ideas floating around, you’re truly spoiled for choice.

Sometimes this can cause a bit of panic, but every couple is different and so, every proposal will be different too. Like wedding planning, proposal planning should be an exciting and fun time, not a stressful one. Don’t worry – Propose2Me are here to help.

1. Back to Basics

Getting engaged is the beginning of a new chapter together, but why not return momentarily to the beginning of the current chapter? In fact, you could head back to the spot of your first date.

Recreating your first day is a beautiful way of reminiscing about times gone by and remembering the good times that you have had together as a couple.

This simple wedding proposal idea would work exceptionally well if it’s timed with an upcoming anniversary. Your partner will only think you’re celebrating your anniversary and your proposal will be a spectacular surprise.

One of the most elegant but simple marriage proposal ideas

What if you can’t return to the exact restaurant you went to on your first date? Don’t worry – all you have to do is take your future spouse on a romantic evening walk. However, take a detour to the street where you went for your first date.

With the help of the marriage proposal experts at Propose2Me, you can put together a simple but elegant proposal.  A musician of your choice (guitarist/cellist/violinist) can meet you at the spot where it all began. Your partner will receive a beautiful bouquet of roses and an intimate performance of their favourite song.

All you have to do is ask the question. If you want, you could have a photographer at the ready, to discreetly photograph the special occasion. Enjoy an intimate professional portrait session afterwards, with a glass or two of bubbly to celebrate.

2. Amazing marriage proposal ideas with the help of a furry friend

If you and your partner are pet parents, why not enlist the help of a beloved furry friend to create an adorably simple marriage proposal?

Pets are the perfect way to make this moment even more special, and they are part of the family after all. There are a few different ways that you could do this.

You could take the dog for a relaxed evening stroll and whilst you’re pretending to grab a doggie treat, you could pull out the engagement ring. You could also have a very cute “Will you marry my mum/dad?” sign made to hang around your pooches neck.

If you are not a current pet parent, but you know that your partner would like to be, why not adopt a kitten or puppy as part of your proposal?

Adding a “Will you marry me?” tag to your new fur-baby’s collar will make the surprise even better. You could also put the ring on the collar too instead of using a traditional ring box! It is certainly one of the most memorable and simple marriage proposal ideas.

3. Star-gazing picnic

What is more romantic than an intimate picnic with your partner, and gazing up at the stars above? Wrap up warm and take your partner to their favourite beach or park for a stroll. Enjoy the fresh, cool air of the evening before you “stumble upon” the perfect picnic for two.

Propose2Me will have the splendid spread waiting, complete with flowers, champagne, and a freshly made picnic for two.

With the setting sun as a sublime backdrop, pop the question to your partner. Enjoy the moment and the beginning of this new chapter whilst gazing at the stars.

This is truly one of the most intimate and private marriage proposal ideas. You can even choose to have a professional videographer capture the beautiful moment discreetly.

4. A festive horse and carriage proposal

The festive season is a popular time to pop the question, and for good reason. Sparkling lights and cheerful decorations provide a magical backdrop for your proposal. But thinking outside the box and coming up with new amazing creative proposal ideas might seem a little tricky.

Maybe going a traditional route might be just the ticket? Hire a horse and carriage to bring you and your partner on a romantic drive around the location of your choosing. Sip champagne and savour delicious chocolates whilst the horse-drawn carriage takes you to your destination.

You will be greeted with roses and a personalised proposal sign upon arrival, and you can pop the question to your partner. Why not have a professional photographer waiting to capture the precious moment?

You could also have the photographer stick around for an intimate portrait session to record this joyous moment. Continue the celebrations with a luxurious overnight stay in a romantic hotel.

One of Propose2Me’s amazing and creative proposal ideas, the romantic horse-drawn carriage excursion is available, with extras, as a proposal package. So, all you need to do is relax and enjoy the magical moment.

5. A proposal with a view

If you or your future spouse are outdoorsy people, then why not stick to what you both like – the great outdoors. Marriage proposals at a scenic peak are one of the most amazing wedding proposal ideas.

Pick your favourite trail and pack a picnic. Ideally, you should pick a trail that has a picturesque spot at the end, for the perfect proposal backdrop. Make your excursion extra romantic with a sunrise hike.

Check to see what time the sun rises, so that you can time it with your arrival at the peak. Watching the sunrise slowly over the trees, with the love of your life, truly makes for one of the most amazing wedding proposal ideas.

Pack a picnic and enjoy it as your relish in the moment or team up with the experts at Propose2Me and let them handle it. You can surprise your partner with a ready-made picnic and bubbly for two at your destination.

You could even have a personalised proposal message on a sign, at the ready. A professional photographer can use aerial photography to capture the magical moment without sacrificing your privacy.

This will also make for some stunning shots that you can hold onto forever. You could even use them as part of your engagement shoot!

6. Hot air balloon proposal

Speaking of a proposal with a view – why not propose in a hot air balloon? For most people a hot air balloon ride is a once-in-a-life-time experience…and so is a marriage proposal (hopefully). A magnificent moment calls for a magnificent experience to mark the occasion.
Float over the dreamy green landscapes of Ireland’s luscious fields and forests while you cuddle up with your partner. Your future spouse will truly be on cloud nine if you pop the question, in the air. Drift past the majestic Irish mountains, sipping Moet with your special someone.

Choosing the hot air balloon proposal package with Propose2Me also means that you won’t be flying on an empty stomach. As part of the brilliant bundle, you’ll be treated to a fresh fruit platter (in summer) or a belly-warming bowl of soup (in winter).

7. Breakfast-in-bed wedding proposal

As we said, every couple is different and some may veer towards more private wedding proposal ideas. Many people will want to keep their proposal plan as an absolute surprise too – a grand gesture like a hot air balloon ride might give you away, so you could always choose something more subtle.

Having your partner bring you breakfast in bed is always a treat, so imagine the surprise and delight when they realise that there’s a ring box on the breakfast tray, next to their orange juice!

Choose a Sunday or day that both of you have plenty of time to relax in bed and no one is rushing off for work. Try to sneak downstairs to prepare breakfast whilst your partner is still asleep or simply insist they stay where they are. Under no circumstances are they to enter the kitchen.

If you have the culinary skills, make the breakfast special by preparing something a little more elegant than the usual Sunday morning fry. Maybe try French toast with fresh fruit and honey.

However, if your culinary skills aren’t up to snuff, worry not. Locate a local bakery in advance, put in an order for some fresh pastries and pick them up that morning.

It’s all about presentation

Ideally, you should source some food covers. Yes, those domed ones that they use in hotels. This means that you can hide the ring box until the right moment.

Place your lovingly prepared breakfast on the finest china that you own, accompanied by napkins and polished cutlery. Freshly brewed coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice wouldn’t go astray either.

Place the open ring box on its own plate, with a cover on it. Try to place this plate the furthest away from your partner, on the tray, so that they get to it last.

As your partner raises the final cover, get down on one knee and pop the question.

8. A candlelit walk in the woods

If you’re the outdoorsy type of couple, who love camping, why not plan a special camping trip for you and your partner? Pick your favourite camping spot, and pack your bags. If you’re the kind of couple who likes to go on camping adventures, your partner won’t suspect a thing until you arrive at your destination.

Try to choose a wooded area for your excursion so that you can team up with the experts at Propose2Me to help you decorate for a Pinterest-worthy proposal. This is one of the most simple wedding proposal ideas, but certainly one of the most intimate.

Choose a quiet clearing and decorate the surrounding trees with lanterns and fairy lights. The team can prepare a freshly made picnic for two. They’ll even set up the splendid spread for you so it’s ready when you arrive.

Cuddle up in the warmth of the campfire, with the love of your life, and crack open the champagne.

9. A surprise sailboat proposal

Although everyone’s travel plans might be limited in the foreseeable future, that doesn’t mean that your proposal plans are too. Imagine this – you’re at a picturesque spot, basking in the glow of a superb sunset and a sailboat approaches.

As the sailboat comes into view, your partner will realise that there is a personalised proposal message on the flag. Surprise your partner by getting down on one knee as they read the message in disbelief.

Add to the magical moment by having champagne at the ready for a toast to the newly engaged couple. Choosing to book the sailboat proposal package with Propose2Me means that you don’t need to simply enjoy the bubbles on dry land, you can board the ship and take in the sunset views out on the waters.

Take full advantage of the picturesque setting by booking a professional photographer to take some candid “just engaged” snaps that you will always have to look back on. Truly one of the most amazing wedding proposal ideas.

10. Simple wedding proposal ideas for homebodies

If your future spouse is more of a homebody, this simple wedding proposal idea could be the one for them. Organize a perfectly cosy night in for you and your spouse. Light the fire, if you have one, and stock up on your partner’s favourite wine and snacks.

Light some candles and pop some popcorn. Set the scene with a romantic playlist and set up some classic board games.

Get the “will you marry me” message printed on some game pieces and pop them in the box, awaiting discovery by your unsuspecting future spouse. For example, use scrabble pieces to spell out the message or have it printed on a monopoly chance card.

Every couple is different and every proposal is different

As we said, every couple is different – some people will prefer a big, grand gesture to mark the occasion. On the other hand, others will prefer an intimate, private wedding proposal. Proposing to your partner is a unique and special experience, just like your relationship.

If you have some special ideas about your wedding proposal and need help with the organization side of things contact Propose2Me . Working with you and your unique needs, the team will custom design a proposal plan for you. Every little detail will be taken care of meticulously.

Propose2Me also have a range of proposal packages to suit every budget.  Get in touch with the team to discuss your extravagant or private wedding proposal ideas and we’ll start planning your perfect proposal.

Don’t worry, we understand the importance of the element of surprise. All our communication is as discreet as possible. If you’re after a surprise, your future-spouse won’t suspect a thing!