The Abbey Proposal.

“I wanted to do something nice for my (now fiancé Ashley) yet was on a budget. So knowing we were traveling to Ireland I contacted a few different companies to see what they had to offer for engagement packages and I knew that right away Propose 2 Me was the most helpful!! I was already excited about asking for my girls hand in marriage but they made me even more excited than I thought possible with all the different things they could do to make it even more of a magical experience! Ya know I could go on and on with how amazing Propose 2 Me is but I would rather like to sum it up in a phrase “my only regret is that Propose 2 Me won’t be able to arrange another engagement for me” lol I truly recommend to any person who wants their engagement to be the most memorable event of their lifetime.”
We’re both still in shock from how amazing our Ireland trip was, particularly our engagement night!!
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
Kevin & Ashley O’Luasaigh