The Johnstown surprise picnic proposal.

Love-birds Bethany and Marc traveled from the UK where they spent several nights at the fabulous Johnstown House Estate, Co Meath. Little did Bethany know the surprise awaiting her arrival to the green isle. Marc contacted Propose 2 Me last month after much research on romantic venues and ideal proposal locations throughout Ireland, with little or no knowledge of the country he found it a huge relief to have someone on the other end of phone to answer all his queries.

Marc provided Propose 2 Me with his budget, dates and preferences on proposal packages – Propose 2 Me responded immediately with proposal ideas, locations and custom proposal packages tailor made to suit them both. The Surprise Picnic Proposal was his choice – this was perfect as the hotel grounds were home to fabulous private picnic settings and with no hired car this left planning ever so easy for Marc without any stress or worry. Propose 2 Me worked alongside The Johnstown Estate, leaving an invitation for Marc and Bethany in their room which soon led them to the magical proposal.

On arrival their was a hidden photographer to capture the moment, photographs to cherish and memories to last a lifetime. A slideshow of the couple which Marc had sent the week previous playing at the scene, surrounded by lanterns, rose petals, love hearts and their champagne picnic. Bethany’s face said it all…. tears of happiness and leaps of joy!

There was only one word escaping her lips, she said YES!!!